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Ceramic Tiling




After you have obtained your REO or another type of residential property, there are a number of things that could need attention. Once the initial debris removal has been completed, there will likely be areas of the property that need to be updated prior to sale or further development. DuAll Services has a team of experts who can work with you to develop a renovation plan and then execute accordingly. Below are some of our renovation areas of expertise:


If your property is older or significantly overrun, cabinetry renovations could be necessary. This is especially important in a kitchen, which, as the center of a home, can make or break a sale. Being rid of decaying wood or old-fashioned designs and replacing with new cabinetry can greatly improve the value of your property.


For other miscellaneous renovations around your property, we can provide expert carpenters. Maybe you need to replace the window to comply with code compliance, or perhaps the property appearance could improve with updated baseboards and molding. Whatever the job, we can do it!


Proper ceramic tiling elevates a space and improves value. Whether the bathroom needs a complete re-tile or you decide to add a ceramic tile backsplash in the kitchen, our team of renovation experts will ensure a quality ceramic tiling.


Occasionally, demolition is needed to improve a property. Whether part of another renovation service or on its own to facilitate property preservation, the DuAll team is trained in residential property demolition.


A huge undertaking on any property, flooring renovations are a great way to elevate perceived and actual value. Our team can help you look for a hidden wood floor under old carpet or install a beautiful new one! Also, we can install carpeting as well as tiled flooring as part of your property renovation. Painting. Top off your stunning new property with fresh paint. As an essential finishing element to most renovations, a professional paint job takes a property from good to great. From single rooms to a complete exterior, DuAll painting experts will make your property sparkle.


For older buildings or property damaged in a natural disaster, plumbing renovations are usually a required element of property preservation. There’s no need for you to get your hands dirty when the experts at DuAll can get all your plumbing renovations done in a cinch.

Renovations are an essential component of property preservation. It may seem like a daunting task to assess and address the needs of your property, but our experience allows us to tackle it with ease. Contact us at DuAll today to see how we can take care of your property renovation.


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